Your children’s safety is of critical concern to us and we have designed emergency lock-down and evacuation plans that consider all possible threats.

Every staff member has been trained and has rehearsed various lock-down (shelter-in-place) and evacuation procedures in case of fire, earthquake, or danger near or in our school.  Every staff member is assigned to an Emergency Team.  These teams are:  First Aid, Sweep and Clear (Search and Rescue), Student Release, Facility Check, Supplies, and Student Care. 

Sweep and Clear (Search and Rescue) teams are responsible for obtaining search and rescue packs from our well-stocked Emergency Shed.  Team members are assigned to cover a specific building and/or other areas on our campus to search for injured or trapped students and/or staff.

First Aid Teams are well trained in the delivery of basic first aid and CPR.  These teams are responsible for obtaining first aid packs and stretchers that are secured in our Emergency Shed.  The First Aid teams accompany the Sweep and Clear (Search and Rescue) teams that are assigned to the same buildings and/or other locations on our campus.

Teachers/staff assigned to Student Care, stay with your children to give them comfort and assurance that they will be kept safe and secure and will be responsible for releasing students to responsible adults.  Teachers/staff will stay with your children for as long as necessary until they are safely reunited with their parents/guardians.

We will do everything we can to safely and orderly reunite children with their parents/guardians.  The Garden Grove Unified School District has strict guidelines that we must follow in order to release a child.  These guidelines protect both you and your child.  It’s critical that we have your most current phone number on file.  If your phone number changes, please update this on your Parent Portal or contact the office.  Adults picking up children must present identification. 

Keep this information in an easy to find location.  Feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the office if you have any questions or suggestions.