Remain calm and be assured that your child is in good hands. 

Please do NOT call the school.  Telephone lines may be needed for emergency communication.  In the event of an emergency, (if phones are working) we will use our telephone notification system to notify you of the emergency.  Please make sure we have your most current phone number on file. 

If students are to be kept at school, radio and television stations will be notified.  If electrical service is not affected, information will be posted on the District’s and/school’s website. 

In the event of a serious emergency (earthquake, fire, weather incident or lock-down/police activity), students will be kept at school until they are picked up by a responsible adult such as someone identified on a school district emergency card.  Please make sure your child’s emergency card’s information is current.  In the event of a weather incident or police activity, we will not release students until police officials give us authorization to do so.  Please be sure you consider the following criteria when you authorize another person to pick up your child at school:

  • They are 18 years of age or older
  • They are usually home during the day
  • They could walk to school, if necessary
  • They are both aware and able to assume this responsibility

Please update your Emergency Cards regularly, using Parent Portal.  We will not send a child home with anyone that has not been authorized by you on his or her emergency card.  Please make sure we have your most current phone number on file.  Adults picking up students MUST have identification.  Students will not be released to anyone whose identify cannot be verified. 

Students will be released at the Student Release gates located at the front of the school.  Please have your identification ready when picking up your child.  If children have to be relocated from Murdy, there will be instructions posted on the gates directing parents where to pick up their children.  We will work as quickly and responsibly as possible to release students to their parents or responsible adults.  The process of safely and responsibly releasing several hundred students will take some time.  Your patience and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.  Your child will be released to you or an authorized/responsible person (individual listed on the emergency card) by a student release team member.  You or the authorized person (listed on emergency card) will be asked to provide name, relationship to the student and where you are taking the student.  Adults picking up students should be prepared to show identification when picking up students at the release gate.  With your patience and cooperation, students will be released as quickly and safely as possible